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Services:Basic Build Touch Ups & Add OnsManagement Services
Prices:$500$150Starting at $1000/mo
Includes:Home PageAdditional PageEmail Monitoring
.About PageMarketing IntegrationsSocial Media Monitoring
.Service Page.Custom Video Ad Subscriber Monitoring
.Contact PageColor/Media UpdatesContact Page.
.Theme/Design ChangeECommerce UpdatesTouch Ups & Add Ons As Needed

Redesigns are not included. Any redesign around concepts are an additional build fee. Request is considered redesign under discretion of site creator.

I have base line prices that allow you to choose the services you need from me. From minor edits to rebuilding a website, I'm here for you. Not only do I help fix it, I teach you how to manage it. Don't worry though, if you want me to take care of it all, I'm up for the challenge.


My name is Adia Marble, I'm a 21 year old web designer who has been coding since the age of 13. While my base work begins in web design, I have extensive experience in business management and am certified by IFMA as an Operations Manager. Not only can I create a digital home for your services, I can help grow and maintain it through my management skills.

Currently, I am expanding my portfolio while simultaneously studying to further my education. My goal is to receive a BA in cybersecurity.

Arizona State University says, "Women of color make up less than 10% of all Bachelor’s degrees earned in computing..."
adding that,
"Women earn 21% of all doctorates in computing, however, less than 5% are awarded to Black, Latinx, Native American/Alaskan Native..."

I am Afro-Latina and Native American, my people are under represented and I want to change that.


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